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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Spirit World Is Real Part 1

It is essential that we begin to understand that life in this natural world is not all that there is.  There is a spirit world and it is very real and will exist forever.  We are spirit beings so we need to understand some things about the spirit world.  When God created the body of man, He blew His own breath of Life into that body.  That breath constitutes the spirit of man within which is his soul; the mind, will and emotions. The spirit and the soul do not die. They exist forever.  Our body is that with which we have contact with the natural world.  When the body dies, there is no more life left in it because our spirit leaves the body the instant that the body dies.  There is no further use for the body and it decomposes.  It is interesting however, that although the mind, will and emotions function through man's brain while he is alive, it continues to function after his brain no longer exists because it is part of the spirit.  Take a look at Luke 16:19-31.  Although the rich man and Lazarus both died and their bodies were buried, they still had consciousness of their surroundings. Neither Lazarus nor the rich man had physical bodies, yet Lazarus laid in the bosom of Abraham. The senses of the rich man were still functioning: He could feel the torment of the heat. He was thirsty and asked for water.  He lifted his eyes and saw Lazarus and Abraham and saw the gulf between them. He had a voice for he spoke to Abraham. He could hear Abraham's response to his cry for mercy. His mind and memory still functioned because he asked Abraham to send someone to tell his brothers not to come there.  From these scriptures and numerous others it is made clear that after death there is a separation of spirit and soul from the body, and the spirit and soul continue to function much the same as it did when the man was alive.

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